Deep Trekker - Pivot ROV - NAV Package

Deep Trekker Pivot ROV with NAV Package?

Is the Deep Trekker Pivot ROV with NAV Package the Best Choice for our Underwater Videos? We Think So!

We like what the Deep Trekker PIVOT ROV with NAV Package has for features and benefits. Such features as extreme stability, upgradeable option for enhanced 4K camera, integrated sonar, and USBL positioning systems for navigation.

Currently the team at Coral Heads have been recording educational video of coral reefs, artificial reefs, and shipwrecks. Over the past year we have been testing and researching various underwater cameras, drones, and ROV’s. Mostly using entry level, micro or mini class, and consumer-based drones. Yes, we have been playing with our GoPro’s and several Paralenz Vaquita’s too.

In that time, we have begun refining our wants and needs when it comes to purchasing a professional Observation Class ROV. Before we go farther into this post, we are not sponsored by Deep Trekker nor any other ROV manufacturers. Also, ROV stands for Remotely Operated Vehicle and we often refer to them as Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles on our website and videos.

Deep Trekker Pivot NAV - Side View

Pivot ROV has Stability and Visual Quality

Deep Trekker Pivot NAV

There are two main features that we look for now when shopping for a new device to remotely record video underwater. First is a very stable platform and the second is the visual quality of an adjustable camera. Both go hand in hand. Having a stable platform for the camera is a must. Second only to audio, a smooth stable video is much more enjoyable and helps with viewer retention rate.

Most of our video will be consumed on YouTube. We are catering to an audience that can presently view at 4k quality, but often are viewing at 1080p or even 780 on their phones. We can use 1080p, often upload in 1080p, and 1080p still stays in the correct quality of video. We would like to future proof our system for a few years and moving towards quality 4k video is a better investment.

We would like to record with a Netflix quality system, that is not in our current plans. Although the Red V-RAPTOR™ 8K VV is the most powerful and advanced RED® cinema camera ever. It requires an additional Nauticam or equivalent style underwater housing. We will need to wait on that upgrade. But wow, the specs on this camera!

What about the DTG3 or the Revolution ROV?

Deep Trekker offers three types of ROV’s with multiple models of each. The DTG3 ROV is a very capable platform as a handy to use underwater drone. It is closer to the micro or mini class. One drawback for us, for our deep dives, is it lacks the power necessary to keep up with our local Gulf Stream currents. We need something with a little more get up and go. Learn more about the DTG3 ROV.

Deep Trekker DTG3 ROV

The Revolution ROV with NAV package is another vehicle that is capable for what we are doing, but the size does put it a little more towards having multiple people to deploy. That’s where the Pivot ROV gets the “Goldilocks and the Three Bears” middle position. It seems just right. The Pivot ROV also has three models or packages offered by Deep Trekker.

Deep Trekker REVOLUTION ROV NAV Package

Deep Trekker Pivot ROV – Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle & Robot Packages

Deep Trekker – PIVOT SMART Package

Starting the first package offered in the Deep Trekker Pivot line is the Pivot Smart. It has a depth rating of 300m or 1000ft. Full HD low light camera with lights that track with camera. Plus, sensors for depth, heading, pitch, roll, turns count, and temperature. All propelled by the 6 thrusters that are magnetically coupled/sealed.

Deep Trekker PIVOT Smart

Deep Trekker – PIVOT EXPERT Package

The Pivot Expert Package offers additional auxiliary lighting, a 97-degree rotating tool platform, and a two-function grabber arm with 32kg (70lbs) locking force.

Deep Trekker – PIVOT NAV Package

The Pivot NAV package delivers innovation, stability, power, speed and control in a portable package. Utilizing innovative USBL positioning and DVL technology, the Pivot NAV provides users with real time location data.

All the features above are included with the Pivot NAV plus an altitude sensor, USBL positioning track and log data with underwater GPS positioning, Waterlinked DVL (Doppler Velocity Log), and a field service kit.

This Navigational Package along with the Add-ons we discuss below should cover nearly all our needs.

Deep Trekker PIVOT NAV with Lights and Sonar

What Nearly Required Add-ons Should We Choose for Our Deep Trekker Pivot NAV?

Pivot ROV Sonar and Navigation

Sonar and navigation are two more features that we have determined to be more of a need than a want when operating a ROV. This places the Pivot NAV directly into the top contender space. Adding multibeam sonar and the USBL system is almost a necessity when it comes to our educational videos. Deep Trekker offers several multibeam sonar units as add-ons. The Blueprint Oculus Multibeam Sonar model M1200D should cover our needs and then some.

The M1200 is best for short-range activities such as structural inspections where resolution is more important than range. Offering the highest operational resolution in the Blueprint M-series range, featuring a peak operating frequency of 2.1MHz, an integrated velocimeter for improved accuracy, and a range resolution of 2.5mm. The M1200D short-range imaging provides the highest quality image in the M-series sonars. Ideal for up close inspections of submerged structures and diver monitoring in turbid waters. When we are gathering data of unexplored shipwrecks, the M1200D should give us the best detail both before and during our exploration dives. With a range of up to 30 meters!

Blueprint Oculus Multibeam Sonars | M1200D

In combination with us adding on the M1200D, the Pivot Nav has included the Waterlinked DVL (Doppler Velocity Log). Together with the Bridge Technology, they will super stabilize the Pivot ROV with a Doppler Velocity Log. Combined with onboard sensors, it can provide more capability to fight current, hold station and hold and measure an altitude from the seafloor. Creating very detailed seafloor maps that can be used for future research, navigation, and educational videos.

Deep Trekker Pivot ROV Enhanced 4K Camera Upgrade

We want to get the best possible footage of the coral reefs, artificial reefs, and shipwrecks for our viewers. To do this we have chosen to get the Enhanced 4K Camera option. The high quality lens upgrade and proprietary image processing algorithms through Deep Trekker’s Bridge software provide us with an optimal underwater viewing experience including a wider field of video, enhanced clarity and auto color correction.

The high quality lens upgrade provides us with an increased depth of field and low optical distortion over traditional high definition cameras. Proprietary image processing algorithms provided by the Bridge Technology allow for a premium experience including auto color correction, image dewarping, improved clarity, upgraded low light performance and boosted sharpness.

Deep Trekker Pivot ROV Enhanced 4K Camera Upgrade

Advanced Position Locating and Tracking

Using Bridge Technology, the same as shown on the DTG3 in the video. The Pivot NAV package provides us with a map showing their ROV’s position on screen, allowing us to see where we are, leave a trail to show where we have been and set points of interest where we want to return to. This is especially useful for applications in open, murky water or when there is significant current. We love this feature for sharing the maps we make of coral reefs.

With the handheld 7” LCD controller and straightforward operations, the Pivot ROV is easy to use allowing our operators to be trained quickly. Lateral movement simplifies navigation during shipwreck exploration. Finally, the modular design makes adding tools convenient – even at sea.

Other Features of the Deep Trekker Pivot ROV with NAV Package

Equipped with 6 strong thrusters powered by lithium-ion batteries, the Pivot ROV provides us with stability, power, speed and control in a portable package. Lateral movement and 220-degree range of motion on the high-definition camera, allows us to complete our mapping sessions in a timely, straightforward manner.

Under 37 pounds, so I can still lift it alone, and contained within 2 Pelican cases, the PIVOT is easily portable. With battery tubes under 100whr the Pivot ROV is certified for both passenger and cargo airplanes for easy and convenient travel.

Are you ready for an Eco-tourism and exploration trip to test this ROV? Maybe in the Abaco Islands at the north end of the Bahamas?

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