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Coral Heads

Coral Heads is an Island Lifestyle Company!
Exploring Coral Reefs, Artificial Reefs, and Shipwrecks!

Explore Coral Reefs, Artificial Reefs, and Shipwrecks!

Mavic Mini at Coral Heads

Coral Heads is an Island Lifestyle Company

Imagine Being On A Private Island And Exploring The World’s Oceans!
We share amazing underwater video of Coral Reefs, Artificial Reefs, and Shipwrecks.
Documenting our oceans so you may live vicariously through our eyes. Our videos consist of aerial footage of the reefs from our quadcopters and underwater from our ROV drones (remotely operated underwater vehicle). We capture close up video by scuba diving and freediving, allowing us to give a personal touch to see those hidden treasures.

Let’s virtually explore the coral reefs, artificial reefs, and shipwrecks together!
Would you like to see the layout of a coral reef, artificial reef, or shipwreck before you book a dive or drop a line in the water? Do you want videos created with local knowledge of hazards around inland waterways, inlets, harbors, and marinas? Would you enjoy a chance to visit a private island resort as well? What are you waiting for? Jump in now and join our community!

Qysea Fifish Pro V6 Expert is a Professional Underwater Drone at Coral Heads
SwellPro Splash Drone at Coral Heads

How Can We Explore Coral Reefs?

Opportunities abound when it comes to exploring our amazing variety of Coral Reefs, Artificial Reefs, and Shipwrecks.

Virtually Exploring Coral Reefs

Most people today start with the internet and begin their searches virtually. They use websites such as CoralHeads.com to find information on coral reefs. On our website they can find more resources pertaining to coral reefs. We share websites, photo sites, and video streaming services like YouTube that host information on coral reefs.

Video Documentation of Coral Reefs

Video has been one of fastest growing methods when searching for coral reefs. The down side is that the majority of the coral reefs have yet to be documented on video. Multiple organizations are taking on this task of documenting the coral reefs. We are excited to a part of the growing industry of companies documenting coral reefs as well as man made artificial reefs and the many shipwrecks on the seafloor.

Saltwater Coral Reef Aquariums

Maintaining specimens in saltwater coral reef aquariums has been a mainstay of researching corals. The saltwater reef tank industry has exploded over the past 30 years. With new and inventive ways to care for corals this method has exposed an all new research platform in an entertaining way. Now it is possible to have a reef tank in your home and see how they grow.

Snorkeling / Freediving / Scuba Diving

Researching the shallow reefs by way of snorkeling / freediving / scuba diving. Getting wet, going underwater, and seeing the coral reefs up close and in-person. Putting on a mask and being fully emerged in the living ecosystem has a much greater impact than any video will ever show you.

Underwater Drones / ROVs

Going deeper in harder to access areas with underwater drones / ROVs (remotely operated underwater vehicle). Scuba diving has it’s limits and ROV’s are breaking them. They can go where divers cannot.

Submersibles / Submarines

Manned vessels like submersibles / submarines is for the next level adventurer. The leading submersible companies, like Triton Submarines, are breaking all types of barriers when it comes to deep sea exploration. They have created submersibles that are launched from support yachts and research vessels that can reach the bottom of the ocean anywhere on earth. These submersibles are available to the public!

3D Multibeam Imaging and Scanning Sonars

Research of our oceans using 3D multibeam imaging and scanning sonars project an all new way for explorers to see the seafloor. Seafloor bathymetry maps are helping the ecosystem in many ways. One of which is the ability to study the migration of fish not only from one region to another, but also daily up and down in the water column.


Eco-Tourism combines many of these opportunities to be utilized together. Coral Heads is anticipating the growth of eco-tourism to build year upon year. We are staging our company to be in the forefront as each of these opportunities present themselves to our members.

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Coral Heads offers news and targeted content based on the Island Lifestyle. Come along with us as we explore our wonderful world. There is so much to see and learn just below the surface. Yet, we often need to take to the air to see it. Whether it is in the air, on the water, or below the water our goal is to educate and entertain you along the way.

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